The Nigeria music industry is getting a lot of traffic everyday from Upcoming Artists trying to showcase their talent and getting to the climax, with this you will agree with me that there are millions of songs in Nigeria that has failed to gain listeners or lovers (blow).
Here I basically execute the popular and key reasons why most songs fail to blow.
1. Promotion:
Hmmmm, I really don’t know why you jail a song and you expect it to magically blow when it is not exposed to the world around. You just cant record your song and play it only on your PC, Phone or CD and you expect it to blow. Listen, by right your song needs alot of your attention by promoting it as much as you can. There are alot of way you can promote your song which includes, Online Promotion, Radio Stations promotion, media promotion, just to mention few. So stop complaining and find a way of promoting your song now.
2. Song Quality:
Gosh! I no sabi how u wan mek wack song blow ooo!! LOL… Listen, this is a 100% rated reason why most song dont blow. Even if high quality promotion presist, your song cannot still blow if it is one piece of sh*t banging on the listeners ear (Bad Quality). I can bet you that its not all artists songs, i.e Wizkid songs that blows, this is caused by nothing else but bad quality beat, lyrics, vibe, production and so on. So before you start complaining that your song failed to blow after promoting or before, make sure you judge the quality of it, maybe by comparing it to the popular songs of the same genres or any other way and then you determine whether it will be likeable by the public. Note that good music has a way of promoting itself. No one will be interested in replaying your song if it is f*cking wack.
3. Copyright:
My Gosh! I dont have much to talk in this. If you have no talent to make good music then please fast for God to reveal your talent and stop wasting your time in the music industry because we are tired of hearing wack songs everyday. Introducing new and unique pattern of music is a great way of attracting more fans and listeners to your song. Take a look at the likes of Kiss Daniel, Adekunle Gold or Korede Bello, this next rated star introduced a new and unique self-styled music and you can tell me their position now in the industry. So my dear, dont copy another man’s song or style and expect it to blow anyway… be yourself and bring something fresh and new because everybody will like to teast the unteastable.
4. Explicit Content:
NBC restrictions, Radio Station restrictions or any restrictions are not good for any upcoming artist song. Using explicit content in your song like (using sexual exciting lyrics and title) can limit the listeners traffic of your song and get it banned by entertainment authorities like NBC. As a upcoming artist its not guinue to make songs this way at least for now. I know you might hear Davido, Timaya and others producing such a song now a days, but never skip the sense that this are blowed artistes (Superstars). also judge by first official songs and see the differences i.e Wikid – I Love My Baby, Holla At Ur Boy, Timaya – Dem Mama, Kiss Daniel – Woju, Korede Bello – Godwin and so on, i guess you can tell that this songs were, and are generally accepted bangers. Why am emphasizing on this is to make you understand that as a upcoming artiste, you need to good, clean and generally acceptable music (clean lyrics, title, vibes, arrangement) to make it playable in all suitable platforms. You can keep your explicit songs till when you blow, coz it wouldn’t help your career (as well as ur song) to blow as a upcoming artiste.
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