Beauty: Do This To Your Lips Every Morning Before You Bath And See The Results.

There are so many ways to lighten dark lips that don’t require expensive products or treatments. One of the most suitable method or the most affordable method is the use of toothpaste. Toothpaste contains some rich materials that are effective lips and exfoliating removes dead skin cells from lips.

The ingredients which you are going to need includes: Toothpaste, a cup of honey and a toothbrush.

Firstly, take a soft brush and add a little bit of toothpaste to the top of the toothbrush. Make sure the brush is a very soft one in order not to injure your lips eventually.
Secondly, Add a little drop of honey on top of the paste which is on the toothbrush, after this you can use your finger to spread the honey o top of the toothbrush.

Thirdly, Gently scrub the soft toothbrush on top of your lips, you need to slowly do so as not to hurt your lips. Make sure you carefully scrub your lips for at least two minutes.

After you are done with that, take a neat towel and clean off your lips then use clean water turned wash away the remains on your lips.

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