Olamilekan Agbeleshe popularly known as Laycon has decided to go to the street to join the numerous protesters as they marched for the end of police brutality in the country. Laycon decided to do it secretly so that people will not be running after him to snap pictures, take autograph and other things. So, he initially went to the back and raised his placard high so that everyone can hear his voice but not see his face. He dispatched all his securities and body guard so that he will look like an ordinary person and protests along others. Still, few people were still able to recognize him. It was quite risky for Laycon to be on the street without a single body guard or bouncer protecting him but he knows he would be safe. During the protests, it becomes a little bit congested and rowdy as many people gathered around him. He was without any security or body guard but what a Man did to help him was very touching and it generated reactions on social media.
The man hold him well

This man went to him and put his hand in his arms as if he was his escort. He was protecting him as he walks along his side. Laycon also keeps shouting End Sars, End Police Brutality. They marched on successfully and thankfully, no one was hurt or injured. Many people who have been demanding to see Laycon on the street to join the protest have now seen him. Hopefully, they will now give him some space to rest now. Laycon has done what is necessary to do and he did it the right way. He did it secretly without any noise and trouble. He refused to allow his securities to put him inside a truck for the protest and he walks with his legs like other Celebrities.

Laycon does not like to shout and many people who do not hear his voice think he is not doing anything at all. Just few hours ago, Laycon used his power as the Youth Ambassador for Ogun-State to intercede with the Governor of the State to release some of the innocent Youths that were arrested by the Police Force during the protest yesterday. He did this secretly and the young man was freed. The young man took to his account to express his gratitude in Laycon as he explained how Laycon saved him. Yet, Laycon did not talk about this because he does not like to be doing things for publicity. He does things low-key. He is a good leader indeed!

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