A chat showing how Don Jazzy actually begged a graphic designer to Photoshop him standing with American singer Rihanna reportedly surfaced online

The Nigerian record producer, audio engineer, record executive, singer, songwriter, entrepreneur and philanthropist, Don Jazzy recently spanked reactions after he did slide into a programmer’s DM to seek for a photo of Rihanna to be photoshopped close to him.

This emerged to its peak when the photoshopper leaked the alleged conversation between him and Don Jazzy who was seen wholly passionate to secure a deal with him. In the alleged chat, Don Jazzy was very desperate to see his picture photoshopped just next to his crush, Rihanna.

The Photoshopper never hesitated and did just as Don Jazzy ordered and the picture of Don Jazzy and Rihanna was photoshopped together. In a thriller, Don Jazzy credited him some money for his amazing work.

Fans also reacted according to their grinds. Check the pictures below;

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