The music industry is filled with loads of Artistes. We love some and we hate some with so much passion due to one thing or the other.
Now, imagine you have the opportunity to sit down and advice 1 Nigeria artiste as regards what he/she is not doing right – I know you will be glad
» You might have to advise some to improve on the quality of their song lyrics.
» Some need advice on how to promote their song well.
» Some need advice on how to respect their fans and carry them according…
Anything at all, many Nigerian Artistes needs school and proper orientation in order to continue growing.
The question now is this
If You Have The Opportunity To Advice 1 Nigerian Artiste » Who Will It Be & What Will You Say?
Let’s hear from you all as regards this.
Drop your comment
Baba Nla, nothing go spoil if you release music regularly and at the right time. It’s the reason why Burna Boy has been ruling for two years right now. Replete supply of music.
Bro, can you get a voice trainer please. Your songs are awesome, but most times when you perform, you’re always shouting and you ruin them. I’m sorry but it’s the truth, man.
Man, I don’t know what has gone wrong with your music but you’re already losing value and relevance way too fast. What’s going wrong? Fix up and maybe you need a songwriter now. You can ask Wizkid where he got his own.
Bro, I’ve written about you, but yeah you need to leave Starboy. You’re very good but maybe Starboy Music isn’t the best place to be.
We want to hear from you too.

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