Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq of Kwara State has said that Nigeria is pacing ahead in all indices of development despite the odds, while institutions of democracy are growing stronger and getting more mature.

He said, “The growing public consciousness around issues of rights and development, the widening space and platforms through which public opinions are ventilated and the increasingly responsive yet firm leadership underline the fact that we are moving.”

Speaking on this year’s June 12 Democracy Day, he said, “As we mark another June 12, we should build a consensus around the indivisibility of the Nigerian state and make deliberate efforts individually and collectively to make it greater and more prosperous.”

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Governor Abdulrazaq joined the President, his colleagues and compatriots across the globe to pay glowing tributes to all the heroes and heroines of Nigeria’s democracy, dead or alive, sung and unsung, whose toiling had birthed this republic.

“Our responsibility is to continue to face the challenges of nation building as many great and older nations had done and are still doing, so that we can bequeath a better, stronger, more prosperous, more secure and more United country to generations unborn,” he added.

He also congratulated Nigerians on the anniversary, saying the countrycontinued to grow on all fronts despite the challenges of nation building, population bulge, national insecurity and development.

“I felicitate with Kwarans and indeed Nigerians on this day of June 12, which has come to symbolise the struggle of our people for human rights, participatory democracy and development,” he stated further.

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