Our fashion update today is about fashion challenges and it will be our pleasure if you go through these fashion details thoroughly. In this fashion content, we are going to talk about the fashion styles rocked by these two Nigerian perfect singers, Sk Phydon and parosky that will make you fall in love with their ways of rocking different fashion styles.

Please, after viewing these fashion styles of Sk Phydon and parosky , don't forget to tell us who rock fashion more in the comment section because we believe that if Sk Phydon did not win the challenge, Parosky will win it.

Sk Phydon also known as "SILENTT KING" is a Nigerian fast rising popular musician . He loves to sing but many do not know that he has a passion for fashion as well. In the photos below, you are going to see unique fashion styles rocked by Sk Phydon

See the fashion styles rocked by Sk Phydon


Parosky is one Nigerian young singer and Rapper. who I believe has a true passion for rocking different fashion styles, especially cool fashion styles. In the photos below, you will see his fashion styles.

See parosky fashion style:

Who rocks fashion more?

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