A public commentator in Zamfara State, Alhaji Ahmed Bakare has lamented that the escalating bandits attacks in the State was beyond the control of security operatives as bandits continue to unleash terror attacks everywhere in the State.

According to him, innocent citizens of the state are no longer going about their legitimate endevours due to the fear of being attacked, killed or kidnapped b bandits who have taken banditry as their profession.

Alhaji Bakare explained that the security operatives in the state are helpless and confused they are overwhelmed by the constant attacks they face from bandits.

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Speaking with DAILY POST in Gusau, the State capital, the public commentator said that the State government should face the insecurity situation very squarely rather than treating the teething issue with a mere wave of hand.

“To be sincere, no society in the whole world can progress without peace because no development can take place anywhere without peace,” he lamented.

” From the look of things, the elites are responsible for banditry and kidnappings in this state considering the suspension of three emirs and some district heads alleged to have been involved in banditry.”

Alhaji Bakare explained that on a daily basis, banditry and kidnappings have continued to escalate, pointing out that even though the State government had wasted millions of Naira in the name of peace accord, yet there is no beneficial result.

He advised the State government to as a matter of urgency abandon the peace accord and reconciliation deal since the process is not working according to the plan of the state government, saying that nobody can run away from the reality.

It could be recalled that on Democracy Day, Governor Bello Mohammed Matawalle lamented that he was seriously worried over the worsening insecurity situation in the state.

The Governor wondered why banditry should be escalating even after his administration had done everything within its power to quell the dastard activities in the state.

Many people interviewed by DAILY POST said the situation is very terrible as everybody in the state is living in palpable fear, describing Zamfara State as a colony of bandits.

They appealed to both the Federal and State Governments to as a matter of urgency end the bandit activities before they would kill everybody in the State.

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